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Marital Issues

Helping couples restore selfless loving in marriage.

At Pathway, marital issues can be addressed by an approach called Skills in Selflessness. This approach does not focus on spouses repeatedly complaining to the therapist about the difficulties. Rather, the approach aims to teach spouses new ways of thinking about and talking with each other. When spouses feel more confident that what matters to them matters also to their spouse, they might feel more free to risk emotional connection with each other. With greater emotional connection, the couple may then more readily address difficulties. Gaining skills in demonstrating care for one's spouse, in ways that feel like care to the spouse, can be a gift that keeps on giving. "If you show me that you care about my feelings, then I feel like you care about me." In an informal survey of couples who attended three or more marital sessions at Pathway, 77 percent reported an increase in warm feelings for each other.

Other approaches also may be offered at Pathway, depending upon the approach preferred by the couple and upon the specifics of their situation. These may include a problem-solving approach, conflict resolution, or Emotionally Focused Therapy. An initial assessment during the first visit to Pathway may help a couple decide upon the desired approach. Any need to make a referral would be discussed with the couple.

While there are no guaranteed outcomes, there is hope!
Perhaps your marriage can improve!

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